Private Experience

1 hour private experience

The exclusive private experience offers a one-of-a-kind personal touch. It will be just your own party with the Falconer, along with the magnificent birds! The interaction during the experience is truly engaging.

Please note there is no online booking option for private experiences. To check availability, please contact us using the contact form

We will meet you in the farmyard and make a short trip to the flying field, where the experience takes place.

We begin by familiarizing you with the gauntlets and ensure you are very comfortable calling the birds to your glove before beginning.

We normally start the experience with flying one of our beautiful Harris hawks, renowned for their intelligence and teamwork abilities, each bird has its own individual personality so even if you have been on an experience with a hawk before you will notice how different they can be.

A person in a blue jacket and white beanie is holding a bird of prey on their gloved hand. The bird is perched calmly, and the person appears to be looking at it. Other people and trees are in the background.

The Experience

We will then introduce you to some of our amicable owls.

Owls hunt relying on stealth rather than speed like the hawk. This means many owls have an almost totally silent  flight thanks to specially designed wings and feathers.  It can be a little un-nerving for some as our eagle owl or great grey owl flies to the glove with almost no sound but don’t worry, you are in no danger unless you are a mouse!

The birds are photo friendly (no flash please) and who can resist an owl selfie!

We can assist you in snapping some action shots of the hawks swooping to the glove or maybe a slo-mo video of one of the owls about to alight on your gauntlet.

Please note

Owls can be easily distracted, sometimes ignoring us, (to the falconer’s embarrassment!) so we ask that children and adults try to be calm throughout.

The experience is very interactive and relaxed, and questions are welcomed throughout.

Pricing is €140 for one/two adults. €40 per additional participant/spectator.

Family rate two adults and two children U-16 years €190.

A person wearing sunglasses and a blue jacket holds a barn owl on their gloved hand. The background is blurred greenery, and the person appears to be looking at the bird attentively. The owl has light brown and white feathers.

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What people are saying

"Something completely different"

This was definitely a unique experience that we enjoyed very much despite some bad weather. Never been so close to the birds of prey, they are fascinating.

alfamarija TripAdvisor

"Absolutely brilliant day"

We had an amazing experience with Patrick - he was so knowledgeable and fun to be around. I highly suggest trying this out. I'm thrilled we opted for a private lesson, and all the birds were fantastic.

sandra e TripAdvisor

"The most epic experience ever "

The absolute best experience ever. This was my 40th birthday bucket list trip. Patrick made today one of the best ones of my life. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Teresa G TripAdvisor