No special clothing is required. Please come dressed appropriately for the weather conditions on the day. Some people feel more comfortable wearing long sleeves. Outdoor footwear is advisable. Grass is maintained very short but can be wet.

Only yourself and your camera/mobile device. We will provide the falconry equipment needed on the day.

We are approximately 4km from Killarney town centre. If you do not have transport, a taxi is the recommended route.  See our getting here section. 

Falconry is very safe. The birds will not attack you or “poke you in the eyes”. Also they are not attracted to shiny things so jewellery etc is safe. But for the birds safety, please be calm and do not make sudden movements or loud noises that might upset or startle them.

Experiences will start on time and if you are late, your experience might be cut short so please arrive about 10 minutes before your experience is due to start

The experience is a little weather dependent. Some light rain or showers are fine but If the rain is very heavy and persistent, it is not enjoyable for anybody, birds included! We do offer an indoor experience if weather is very unsuitable.

Yes, the birds will not harm children but please do not let children upset the birds either. Many are very susceptible to loud noises or sudden movements so please take this into consideration when visiting with children.

Children of all ages can join an experience but only children of 8 years and older will be provided a gauntlet.

They are very similar. The main difference being that in the group experience you will be sharing your time with other people, so you may have fewer opportunities to interact with the birds (Hence cheaper price). 

The activity is referred to as falconry whether we fly a Falcon, Hawk, Eagle or Owl. We do fly Falcons but we do not allow guests to handle the Falcons as they are in general shy birds  which are not easy to handle without experience.

No, you can drive right up to the field where we fly the birds if necessary. From here, you will be walking a very short distance (less than 100 metres) on short grass on a level surface. There may be slight undulations in the field but no rocks or hills etc.

Yes, there is plenty of parking available here at the farm for cars and coaches also.

Yes, we do have a toilet at the farmyard, a short walk from the field.

If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as we can!