Kerry's Exclusive Falconry Experience

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Be entertained and educated about birds of prey all over the world

Come and join us for a unique falconry adventure in Killarney. Don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the ancient sport known as “the sport of kings”. This experience will introduce you to a fascinating world of a tradition that dates back over 4,000 years.

Whether you prefer spending time outdoors or indoors, you will be captivated by the opportunity to interact closely with these majestic birds.

No prior falconry experience is necessary

The experience involves a leisurely stroll through the meadows of a working farm, with Killarney’s famous mountain range visible in the background. A Falconry experience is family-friendly and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Initially you will be introduced to the hawk or hawks and as soon as you are comfortable, you can cast it free from your hand, with the assistance of your own personal guide.

Bond with a free flying hawk as he/she comes swooping from the old Irish oak trees to alight on your hand at your command.

A man and a young girl stand in a field of yellow flowers on a sunny day. The man, wearing a green shirt, holds a large owl perched on his gloved hand. The girl, in a pink jacket, smiles and touches the owl while looking at the camera.

What people are saying

"Something completely different"

This was definitely a unique experience that we enjoyed very much despite some bad weather. Never been so close to the birds of prey, they are fascinating.

alfamarija TripAdvisor

"Absolutely brilliant day"

We had an amazing experience with Patrick - he was so knowledgeable and fun to be around. I highly suggest trying this out. I'm thrilled we opted for a private lesson, and all the birds were fantastic.

sandra e TripAdvisor

"The most epic experience ever "

The absolute best experience ever. This was my 40th birthday bucket list trip. Patrick made today one of the best ones of my life. I cannot thank you guys enough.

Teresa G TripAdvisor
A person wearing sunglasses and a blue jacket holds a barn owl on their gloved hand. The background is blurred greenery, and the person appears to be looking at the bird attentively. The owl has light brown and white feathers.

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